FREE Communication - For the 1st time, 100% of your messages will be seen by 100% of your followers!

  • Decide who you want to see your news (Public, Private, Internal only etc etc)
  • FREE Instant messaging to Smartphones with CT Messaging™
  • Use FREE innovative and simple survey forms to gain valuable feedback from your Members
  • You remain 100% in control of everything that is published within your ConnectTogether page, including posts by your Members and Followers
  • As a club, improve the communication between you and your Members, Employees, Followers and Partners
  • As a Society, improve your communication with everyone both inside and outside your group
  • While other Social Networks try to make you famous Worldwide, we simply want to help you work smarter locally

Organize yourself Quickly and Easily!

  • Create your own picture rich ConnectTogether homepage with you own logo, colors and images.
  • Take advantage of the 'By Invitation social network' offering
  • Create FREE or PAID For events, which your Followers can then book online (and pay for if needed) right through your ConnectTogether page.
  • Create a new membership campaign, which your members can then pay to straight from the page in just a few clicks.
  • Allow your club to access all of these features for organizing your events
  • Manage any fees online in one click !
  • Manage and Renew paid Membership Schemes
  • We even supply you with our PRO Dashboard™ which helps you improve your finance management performance!

Collect Memberships and Fees in new innovate ways!

  • Whilst you remain 100% in control, motivate your Followers to do more to increase your activity.
  • Ask your Followers to organize their own sponsored event on the ConnectTogether system, 100% of the proceeds then go to you automatically!
  • Offer new innovative ways for your followers (And for e.g. members, partners employees etc…) to work with you more, including auctions, events tickets, sponsored events and direct membership (and much more!)

100% Secure and Confidential!

  • Unlike other social networks, everything you post remains copyrighted, and owned by you!
  • We will never share, sell or make available any of your or your followers data to ANYONE!
  • Everything we do is 100% AD FREE! We understand that you must be neutral in todays corporate world.
  • Every member, follower, could choose his own exposure but keeping the communication open with your club
  • Be Confidential with THE 'By Invitation Only' Social Network
Engage with your Followers, wherever they are...
All features are available on your iPhone™, Android™ or Windows™ Phone. Now you can engage with your CCEs when they are on the move

They are already present

As many organisations, you can take advantage of ConnectTogether- It's FREE!

Fund-raising and Cool APPs

In a few weeks, your members/supporters could download useful and fun APPs, which will contribute to help your financing!

Connect Together Aspicio

Aspicio is a stunning APP that enables you to engage with everything from art, theatre, music and even dining experiences in a way never possible. It produces the most honest and palpable reviews possible, by you recording your emotions such as affection, passion, warmth and empathy, all the way to indifference, dislike and apathy. This beauty of Aspicio is the exquisite user interface which uses sight, sound and touch to record your innermost feelings.

Lo-Go: Your Virtual World moves into the Real World!

This location based GPRS APP is designed to help you meet up with other people with the same interests as you, or people who are Members of the same organisation. Very simple to use (but 100% safe!), it is the ideal tool to organise a meeting of people all liked to the same charity or organisation.


GreenVille: Play and help you favourite cause!

The simulation game with a heart! Make a GREEN virtual world, which then teaches about making a difference in a sustainable REAL World.

Make a city, but make it carefully taking into consideration energy use, travel, forest impact, marine life etc etc. Great fun, but it shows what can be achieved!


ePlusGreen - Saving the Planet one device at a time

Download a GREEN PC or Smartphone APP to reduce its power consumption, and therefore the harmful impact on the environment.


ConnectTogether Photo Contest - Share and Win!

Share your photo to support your favourite organisation. Every week you can win £100, and if you do, we pay your organisation the same!