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 'By invitation Only' social network!


For Clubs, Societies and Associations

ConnectTogether is a PRIVATE social network which offers a combination of the ‘Best of the Web’ for any organization (small, large, local, regional and everyone in between!). Enjoy the power of our Social Network which makes both your internal and external communications stand out from the crowd! Then any Organization will receive all theses features:

non profit organization

  • Help you reach current and potential new members easily and more effectively.
  • Empower its clients, employees, followers and partners to connect and stay engaged with you.
  • Collaborate and communicate with your 'extended' team, making your local offers more effective.
  • Manage programs, events, surveys, memberships and other activities all in one place.
  • Accelerate your teamwork results, by staying connected on any device using the latest new communication and mobile connectivity.
  • Innovate quickly, making your sponsors more active
  • Instantly share stories and testimonies
  • Create your own picture rich ConnectTogether homepage with you own logo, colors and images, including your OWN smartphone App!
  • Take advantage of the 'By Invitation Only' social network for your business organization.
  • While other Social Networks try to make you famous Worldwide, we simply want to help you work smarter locally

For Users


ConnectTogether is the new home for ‘Social Life’, where in one simple, secure and friendly place you can follow, be kept updated, register, participate, pay online any activities proposed by  your organization, and also see what other people are doing in the same organizations.

By joining your Organization throught ConnectTogether, you also join a community of like-minded individuals who you can share ideas, events and your thoughts—and even make some new friends!

So you can:

  1. Become a member of  Club or Society 'By invitation network'. Then you are interacting with the community you have chosen and so you can:
  2. Create events
  3. Share, Communicate and Connect your passions with people with the same interests as you
  4. Centralize your membership portfolio and event registration along with the organizations
  5. Participate in fun activities, contests and auctions that all benefit
  6. Say what you think and exchange with your organizations and your friends with a discrete and efficient instant message service
  7. Get New and EXCITING Smartphone, PC and Mac APPs .
  8. Choose your exposure, with  ConnectTogether you can express yourself, participate, without being noticed by the rest of the social network world! You decide what you want to share and who can reach you!
  9. And much more !

Welcome to the ConnectTogether Community!
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